Circular Economy and Zero Waste with the upcycling of waste from the management processes of electrical systems.
 Engineering of supply chains and logistics of networked laboratories, C. Nava (2018) 
R.ED.EL. - Reggina Edilizia Elettrica
Via Patera, 12, 89052, Zona Industriale, Campo Calabro, Reggio Calabria

The organizational chart of the company R.Ed.EL is structured on the management of the operational figures of its directors and legal representatives: Barreca Demetrio (high school diploma with over 20 years of experience in the sector); Barreca Umberto (high school certificate, with experience in the field for over 15 years, currently vice president of Young Entrepreneurs - Confindustria Reggio Calabria and delegate to the company's Research and Development - Top Management).
The managers of the technical staff are: Barreca Demetrio, Barreca Umberto and Rotilio Antonino.
RSPP: Barreca Umberto; RLS: Polimeni Vincenzo (upper secondary school diploma with over 10 years experience in the sector). Over 50 units used in the production, administration and person services, production, logistics and sales.

With reference to the start-up of Research and Development, the company has been testing its dedicated organization chart since 2015 with reference to the functions of Top Mangement and Human Resources Management (resp.Barreca Umberto), with the support of the technostructure of the staff with UO Technical-scientific (collaboration and consulting) and UO Marketing and Industrial Design (assignment of services); with the use and specialization of some human resources at the disposal of the current staff on the "process line" with reference to the U.O. Administration and staff; U.O. Production; U.O Logsitica; U.O. Commercial and Quality.
(see the Research and Development section on the R.ED.EL website)

Operative units in PVC Upcycling

Administrator Umberto Barreca

Business Manager

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Consuelo Nava

Researcher UniRC / Coordinator and project manager of the PVC UpCycling project

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Innovative Start-up PMopenlab srls

Eco-Design and Smart Manufacturing/ Dissemination and branding of the project

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With the technical counselling on sustainability and innovation of
The leading subject R.ED.EL, proposing experimentation and industrialization on the PVC UpCycling case, participates in all the activities foreseen in the WP, except for those directly connected to the tests and the characterization of the product, with n. Of units and competences directly related to the operational lines on all WPs and with the top management of the joint project.
With the responsible entrepreneur Umberto Barreca, legal representative, who will retain the role of top management from the point of view of the operational management of the project and with reference to contacts with companies in the market of interest for the activities as well as for the supply of material and equipment to used in the activities, the same will be the operating interface with the 3 employees expected among the staff that will be used for the production de-manufacturing activities and for the use of the equipment, they already have experience on some reference methods and techniques of recycle processes on aluminum and copper.
Furthermore, to qualify the Top Management from the technical-scientific point of view, the advice of an expert researcher will be employed, who has already started research, innovation and development in the field of sustainability and circularity of sustainable production processes and for the circular economy "cradle to cradle "and recycling strategies applied to supply chains of innovative products and components, with experiences at national and European level and with the company R.ED.EL for specific experience in the sector (cf CV Consuelo Nava), the same will assume the role coordination of the joint project. On the staff of the R.ED.EL there are also 3 consulting units: 1 expert qualified for activities on energy-environmental profiles and LCA inventory; n. 1 qualified expert for scouting activities for certification and brevity; 1 expert qualified in Ecodesign and Additive Manufacturing and Marketing services. The administrative operative unit is joined to the present technical operative unit.
UNICAL - Università della Calabria, DIATIC - Dipartimento di Ingegneria per l'Ambiente e il Territorio e Ingegneria Chimica
Via Pietro Bucci, 87036, Arcavacata di Rende (CS) - Cubo 42A, 2 p.
The DIATIC is made up of 40 role teachers (23 between Full and Associate Professors) and more than 15 permanent technicians. The skills hosted in the department mainly concern two main themes related to each other: the sustainability of production processes or transformation and the study of the environment with reference to environmental sustainability and the impact of anthropization on the territory. This allows, in a multidisciplinary approach, the study of complex issues of technological innovation in the field of industrial production with the aim of reducing emissions, waste and impact on the territory and communities to zero. DIATIC has extensive experience in national research projects (POR, PON, FISR) and international (7Fp, H2020). Only by limiting the latter, DIATIC has been involved in European projects with a total budget of over € 7 million, with particular reference to reducing the environmental impact of industrial processes through process intensification techniques (DOUBLENANOMEM Budget € 350k, € 750k DEMCAMER € 250k Bioart € 180k REAPOWER € 140k EC2), as well as being responsible for the project of the MEDINA project (total budget around € 3m) concentrated on the production processes of sustainability.
Operative units in PVC Upcycling

Prof. Eng. Massimo Migliori

Project representative

Prof. Girolamo Giordano