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Circular Economy and Zero Waste with the upcycling of waste from the management processes of electrical systems.

Start 18/11/2017 - End 17/01/2018

WORKPACKAGE N° 1 | Circular Economy – Industrial Waste Zero /Smart Process

> Industrial research project <

The initial WP of the whole project has as main objectives those of:
a) analyze the economic scenarios in which the project proposal will be inserted.
Preliminarily, they will then be searched and analyzed in the economic scenarios related to the reuse of materials
from the processing of industrial waste, in particular electric cables with particular regard to PVC
Whereas the metal component is already dealt with by the company;
b) analyze the existing possibilities of hybridization of waste PVC with other types of materials as a basis for
departure to obtain innovative and eco-sustainable products;
c) analyze the technological equipment of the company according to the engineering of all the activities envisaged
and the rump up of the processes.
d) analyze the already consolidated paths and experiences to start the circular economy process inside
of the Company, thus pursuing the final objective of zero waste in its production chain


Start 18/01/2018 - End 17/01/2019

WORKPACKAGE N° 2 | Life Recycle Assessment/ Smart materials

> Industrial research project <


- exhaustively define the complete cycle relating to industrial waste deriving from the disposal of cables
electric, both in relation to processes and in relation to the plants
- Acquire the results related to the MIMPRENDO action, concerning the first characterizations carried out on semi-finished products in PVC
- fully design the company's production chain with respect to PVC and its role as raw material
Second (MPS);
- Integrate the scientific and technical knowledge of all the partners into the project;
- Acquisition of new equipment and the rump up of the processes.
d) analyze already established paths and experiences to start the circular economy process


Start 18/03/2018 - End 17/10/2018

WORKPACKAGE N° 3 | ReManufacturing/Smart solutions – PVC upCycle Laboratory

> Industrial research project <

-Recovery of the value of PVC waste
- Identification of opportunities for eco-friendly compati- bization for the development of products based on the
reassembly of the raw-second PVC material;
- PVC hybridization in the laboratory to obtain new materials: cement mortars and PVC tiles for furniture urban
- physical and mechanical characterization of hybridization samples for the realization of PVC tiles;
- check the compatibility definition of PVC with innovative cement mortars
- definition of the energy-environmental profiles of the innovated product and comparison of energy efficiency and
CO2 incorporated by comparing the solutions with others on the market


Start 18/04/2018 - End 17/10/2019

WORKPACKAGE N° 4 | Dissemination and Branding

> Experimental development project <

- Draw up the technical reports;
- disseminate the results of the project within the scientific community;
- Communicate the branding of the urban PVC tile product to the commercial community of interest;
- Cure the scouting of the project results


Start 18/09/2018 - End 17/04/2019

WORKPACKAGE N° 5 | ReManufacturing/Smart solutions – PVC UpCycle Product

> Experimental development project <

Application of additive manufacturing techniques (3D printing) for prototype design and commercial design: PVC tile for urban use
Development of scale models of the prototype building that can be used on a commercial scale: PVC tile;
Information gathering to create the product technical data sheet

Start 18/01/2018 - End 17/05/2018

WORKPACKAGE N° 6 | Labelling/industrial patents and trademarks

> Experimental development project <

- Position the prototype product in relation to the market of interest
- Start the certification and patenting phase of the product realized starting from MPS PVC.

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