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Circular Economy and Zero Waste with the upcycling of waste from the management processes of electrical systems.
PVC Upcycling and Smart Specialization Strategy (S3)

The activities envisaged by PVC Upcycling project fully respond to the guidelines and recommendations indicated in the areas of innovation and technological trajectories outlined in the S3 - Smart Specialization Strategy of the Calabria Region, approved with DGR n. 294/2016 as indicated by the notice. In particular, the PVC upcycling project is part of the innovation area called "Environment and Natural Risks" with operations in Smart Manufacturing and intercepts the trajectory "New energy technologies and reuse of waste to reduce environmental impact".

The project is rightfully positioned in the field of new technologies and new systems for waste management and for the recovery of civil and industrial waste in order to achieve "...a sustainable management of the integrated waste cycle, with the application of innovations of process and product with a view to Circular Economy" (tables of the Calabria Region pg.12 doc S3 / 7 9-11 dic.2015 / doc S3 Reggio Calabria).


Further intersection can be found with the trajectories indicated for the Smart Factory (Smart Manufacturing), "strategies, methods and tools for environmental sustainability; strategies and management for next-generation production systems; management of innovative, highly efficient, evolutive and adaptive production systems (analysis report 12 areas S3_PON governance_InviTalia, 2016 /doc.S3 Calabria Region) having the PVC Upcycling project among its objectives is to create new innovative high performance composite materials.

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